Are You A Hard Worker? A Unique Career Path For You!

The Horse racing industry is absolutely amazing. Anyone can make an incredible living, without the requirement of a college degree. Being successful in this industry requires showing up everyday and giving it your all. Most people don’t realize, that there are many trades within the racing industry that bring 6 figure salaries on average. Making a great living is not restrictive to only Jockeys, Owners and Trainers. For example my brother Anthony’s is a Horse Farrier. Continue reading “Are You A Hard Worker? A Unique Career Path For You!”

What Are The Best Horse Racing Blogs?

To be completely honest I cannot say that I have spent much time looking at blogs. It is just not something that I ever had an interest in until I started blogging myself. But I found two great blogs focused on Horse Racing that I started to first blog is called Horse Racing Nation, and the name basically tells it all. Horse Racing Nation, is essentially the ESPN of racing. Since clearly ESPN only gives good coverage during the Triple Crown, it is not really considered any sort of resource for us racing fanatics. Horse Racing Nation covers literally any race that happens throughout the year, and even covers all established auctions throughout the year as well. Continue reading “What Are The Best Horse Racing Blogs?”

Unsung Heros of the Track

Most people when they think of the Racetrack, they typically think of horses, jockeys, and owners. If they have been to the track a few times, they may even think of the horse trainers themselves. However, there are many important roles and jobs at the track that most people wouldn’t even know existed. The three that we will discuss today, are Grooms, Hot Walkers, and Exercise Riders. While for most professions the typical work day starts at 9am, Grooms, Hot Walkers, and Exercise Riders start their shifts by 5am sharp.


Marco cools down The Big Beast after Grade 1 victory “Kings Bishop”

Continue reading “Unsung Heros of the Track”

Placing a Bet is Easy!

Pick bet or bets. Find a clerk or “window”. State the Name Of The Race Track. State what Number Race. State what Number Horse. State the Dollar Amount of bet. State the Type Of Wagers. Choice of a single horse to win, place, show or a combination of horses. Clerk will give back a ticket of wagers. Please check the ticket before leaving the window and Good Luck!!!

10 Tips You Need to Know Before Placing a Bet!

(If you find a penny, pick it up!)

Have you ever been to the Racetrack? If yes, than you know how hard it is to win. Millions of dollars are spent everyday betting on horse racing in America and I guarantee you most of them leave with an empty wallet. After working in Saratoga Press Box with the top handicappers in the game for two years I have learned a few thing. Read below to find out my secrets to go home a happy man at the Racetrack 🙂

Favorite: According to the favorite horse wins about 33 percent of the time, although at low payoffs. Continue reading “10 Tips You Need to Know Before Placing a Bet!”